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My First Published Story: “The Burial”

Yeah, the end is quite heavy-handed. I like to think it’s a signifier of the fact that I’m getting better at writing, seeing as how I realize the faults with the story. That being said, I really enjoyed writing this story and it’s still one of my favorites. But anyway, it was published in the online journal, Bartleby Snopes. I encourage you to submit there. If nothing else, they have awesome response times. I heard back from them in less than a week.



About rydowney

What’s up party poetry people?! Welcome to my poetry blog. This is my rambling intro to you. My name is Ry. Ry Downey if you’re interested in googling me (giggity) but I’m not sure it will turn up anything interesting. I’m a citizen of Planet Earth and I might be from Mars. Or Venus, because I believe in love more than I do war. Yes, Venus. Definitely Venus. I love the thought of aliens and space–I’m a lover of nature and sunshine and laughing so hard I cry. I love my friends and my family and anything that makes me feel love and appreciation and gratitude for having lived this long on this beautiful rock floating through the stars. And then comes poetry.

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