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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 3

Your Favorite Series

All right, so far in this blog, I have probably come off as a huge literary snob who loves literary fiction and ONLY literary fiction. Well, you’re almost right. However, there is a special place reserved in my heart for books that combine great elements of literary fiction (great characterization, good writing, intelligent themes) as well as elements of genre fiction (written for entertainment, wide readership, etc). Out of all these books and series, my favorite (and I’m sure I’m not alone) series is the Harry Potter Series. Of course! Do I even have to explain how much I love this series and for what reasons?

A coming-of-age series that explores the relationship between good and evil and where those lines intersect, the Harry Potter books captured my imagination ever since I was 11 years old and I read the first Harry Potter book. These books are for my generation what I imagine the Star Wars films were for our parents’ generation. The difference is that the HP books have brought readers back to the printed word–oh and the books are better than the SW films. The HP books served as my introduction to the world of books. By the time I started reading HP, I had strayed pretty far from the printed word and spent most of my time watching movies. That changed once I started reading HP. I think I never really appreciated the influence that HP had on my reading and the course my life took after I read the first book.

The themes alone are cause for reading this series. A short list includes: the difference/similarities between good and evil; definition of family; coming-of-age; what it means to be an adult; forgiveness; importance of choice. These are just a few themes off the top of my head that the series addresses. Need I say more? Hopefully not.


About rydowney

What’s up party poetry people?! Welcome to my poetry blog. This is my rambling intro to you. My name is Ry. Ry Downey if you’re interested in googling me (giggity) but I’m not sure it will turn up anything interesting. I’m a citizen of Planet Earth and I might be from Mars. Or Venus, because I believe in love more than I do war. Yes, Venus. Definitely Venus. I love the thought of aliens and space–I’m a lover of nature and sunshine and laughing so hard I cry. I love my friends and my family and anything that makes me feel love and appreciation and gratitude for having lived this long on this beautiful rock floating through the stars. And then comes poetry.

4 responses to “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 3

  1. Yours and Aaron’s blogs are great. I love how intelligent you guys sound (which sounds demeaning for me to point out, but you can suck it! I mean it as a compliment). Levin is a brilliant word, and so is your using the word brevity to describe your like of its meaning (in your last post, I realize).
    I’ve been reading a lot of strange Chinese and Japanese literature lately, and it just makes me miss writer’s group. I want to bring it up in conversation so we can make some awesome points, then laugh as the topic digresses into something about masturbation or poop.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m think, since it’s easier for you to get back and forth, that sometime after I get back Ry and you should come hang out with me in Lynnwood (after I have a room of my own obviously). We could have an all night writer’s group (hopefully with Breda as well), and I could give you your France gifts.

      • rydowney

        Amen, Aaron! I was just in Lynnwood the other day, so I’m definitely down to meet whenever. By France “gifts” do you mean you got one (or will be getting one) for me?! If so, you are a true friend, my friend. Don’t forget to try to get some expat poems jotted down while you’re there. I’d love to read some of those. It would be awesome!

    • rydowney

      Haha Anna I laughed so hard at the last sentence of your post. The digression into poop and masturbation conversation just made me crack up, especially because of the serious content that came before it. Which Chinese and Japanese lit are you reading? I’m already excited to talk about it…damn distance! I appreciate your comments about Aaron and I sounding so intelligent. It means something that we’re actually coming across as coherent with interesting things to say, because let’s face it–if it wasn’t important for us to sound coherent and intelligent, we wouldn’t be doing these blogs! I can’t wait for another fiction group meeting!

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