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Dictionary Daily: “Velleity”

Okay, so after seeing an awesome blog entry on the Ploughshares blog, I have now come up with a mid-year resolution. Said resolution is to create a semi-daily updated list/log of words I had not before encountered and had to look up to rout out the meaning. Beware, as each update will invariably contain a comment from my end on each day’s defined word. Now, that being said, on to today’s vocabulary lesson: VELLEITY!

velleity – n. – 1. desire in its weakest form. 2. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

Finally! Good God, finally a word to explain my (previously) indefinable, unexplainable moments in life when I am sitting on my couch and say, “I’m hungry” and proceed to make no effort to decide what to eat, nor any physical effort to remove my ass from the seat of the couch and find something to eat. This has happened many times before, normally to the exasperation of my girlfriend, who then says something like, “Then why the hell don’t you get up and get something to eat!?” A retort to this completely understandable response to my annoying habit has gone undiscovered until today! Now I can just say, “It’s just my velleity acting up.” And it can be left at that.


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